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PlayStation Home major overhaul to cater for core PS3 gamers

by Steven Williamson on 24 August 2011, 09:07

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE)

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Sony Computer Entertainment’s long-running social networking hub, PlayStation Home, is to receive a complete overhaul that will turn it into an "amusement park" full of social games.

"We are students of Walt Disney here," Home director Jack Buser told Ars, "and we’re going to be designing the core experience inside Home not unlike the way they’ve designed Disney Land and Disney World, where you have a central transportation hub surrounded by themed districts. Except out districts are going to be themed off of game genres."

The new changes will see the central plaza replaced with a transportation hub that will allow users to travel to any of the four themed areas, including sports, action, adventure and casual games. While casual gamers will still be catered for, Home will also be aimed at the core PS3 audience and will features games such as Cogs, the indie puzzler that scooped the Grand Prize at the Indie Game Challenge in 2010.

Sony has also confirmed a new event system that will allow users to customise the Home experience.

"It won’t just be Sony and our partners throwing events on the platform but we’re going to give the keys of the castle to the community and actually build an event system such that they can post and promote their own events inside PlayStation Home," said Buser.

The final layer of polish will be a technology update that will apparently make Home a smoother and faster experience for all users. Though Sony has yet to stamp a firm release date on the new update, we believe it will go live sometime between September and October 2011.

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