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Gran Turismo 5 pushed back

by Steven Williamson on 14 January 2010, 15:37

Tags: Gran Turismo 5, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS3, Racing

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This will come as no real shock if you've been a follower of the Gran Turismo series, but fans will still probably be disappointed to hear that its March release date has been pushed back.

Via a Japanese press release, Sony has confirmed that it will be delayed by around a month, but hasn't announced a firm release date.

Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 features a brand new damage modeliing system and an exhaustive list of cars, including electric cars, such as the Honda Insight and Toyato Prius. Furthermore, approximately 170 vehicles will feature realisitc interior damage modeling. The rest of the roster will show external damage only.

It's believed that Polyphony Digital's hasn't been able to persuade some car manufacturers to let them virtually smash up their vehicles inside and out.

It promises to be a blast, when we do eventually get our hands on it.

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lol This is getting almost as bad as Duke Em' Forever xD

GT5 has been hyped for years and keeps getting pushed back, this is gonna end up as the DNF of the racing genre.
Ah well, having only just gotten round to purchasing a PS3 I think I can wait another month.

Have got the XBox to play Forza 3 on in the mean time too :)
I think my brother has been waiting close to 3 years for GT5 and he's close to cancelling his order as it keeps getting pushed back lol

If I grab a PS3 for myself sometime this year I will grab it most likely. Looking at a PS3 more for the God of War games and a few PS3 exclusives.
when i got my xbox it was because forza 2 was out and gran turismo 5 wasn't am so glad i made that choice now. Do hope it comes soon wanna see if its worth the wait or not
:( I wish the release schedule for GT5 was more like Forza1,2,3 - we'd be on GT5 3rd release by now - so annoying - and so tempting to buy an XBOX360 and Forza 3 instead (I have a PS3 and GT5 Prologue and think it's nowhere near as good as GT5 should be!