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Sony working on Singstar : Hits from the Musicals?

by Steven Williamson on 1 August 2008, 09:06

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS2, PS3

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If I were a rich man...

With practically every decade and many genres of music covered by the Singstar franchise thus far, it seems that Sony is thinking up new ways to attract new audiences to its hit franchise.

A little birdie tells us that Sony is working on Singstar: Hits from the Musicals and that it will be released in 2009 and announced this Autumn. After searching around online, we've found no evidence of the rumour, but it sure as hell makes perfect sense.

Furthermore, we're told that the following songs will be included in the final list:

- Bad Guys - Bugsy Malone
- Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - The Lion King
- If I Were a Rich Man - Fiddler on the Roof
- Over the Rainbow - Wizard of Oz.

You can bet your bottom dollar that they'll also be some Grease in there as well!

Whatever next? Singstar: Christian Rock? Singstar: Eurovision? All we want is some Jacko!Ooo-hoo!

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