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First major update for DC Universe Online

by Steven Williamson on 24 February 2011, 09:10

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The first major game update for DC Universe Online, which debuted just over a month ago on January 11th is now available.

The content update is available as a free download for all active DC Universe Online accounts, both for PC and PS3 and includes

· Catwoman Episode: Race across the rooftops of Gotham City as Catwoman tries to rob the Gotham Museum. In the storage vault, she unearths ancient Egyptian cat artifacts, turning security guards and innocent bystanders into lions, tigers, cheetahs and more. This episode features five boss battles, countless cats and culminates in Catwoman themed cut scene.
· Legends PvP: Catwoman is now a playable character in Legends “Play as Iconic” PvP mode
· Multiplayer Race: chase Catwoman across the rooftops of Gotham City with friends
· A New Suit of Armor: collect Ancient Mayan Armor and Cat Burglar gear

The battles between Wonder Woman and Circe have disrupted the magical balance, upsetting the Goddess of Love. Fountains have sprung up across Metropolis allowing players to enter the cherub shadow realm, where - as cherubs - they can celebrate and fight to determine the true meaning of love.

· Collect Hearts: earn hearts through PvP, shoot love arrows at citizens, participate in multiplayer races, and dominate the platformer bounce houses to earn hearts. Players can use them to purchase chocolates, gifts, rings, etc. for other players
· PvP Battles: fight to dunk the other team into the fountain
· Battle The Goddess of Love: battle for the definition of love in this 4-player boss fight against the aspects of the Goddess of Love, Devotion and Scorn
· New Appearance Items: earn a harlequin clown suit with hearts and a Cherub disguise
· Be Mine: replay boss battles and try to get them to “be mine”

ADDITIONAL UPDATES · Bane Duo: two-player battle against the villain
· Open World PvP: new Gotham PvP zone
* Batcave 2 Raid: new 8-player raid zone added to Batcave, where players will fight alongside Batman against Brainiac and Brother Eye
· Broker: players can visit the auction houses in the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom to swap gear with each other to get their hero or villain completely tricked out
· New collections, races and investigations

The game update is now available for download for free.

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