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Treadmill For Gamers At CES 2006

by Steven Williamson on 7 January 2006, 17:07

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Fit As A butcher's dog

Gamerunner have announced a new gadget for PC gamers which may just help to curb the souring obesity rates in the U.S. You can now play your favourite FPS on a treadmill. It seems a bizarre idea but attendees at CES were raving about it.

It fuses exercise with gaming by allowing the player to use their own body to control the actions on screen. Currently the machine hold only 115 kgs of weight but future models will be able to withstand over 180 kgs.

You'll be able to play games such as Doom and Quake whilst frantically running away or towards your enemies.

So no more sitting on your ever-growing behinds, get fit and play games at the same time.

The Gamerunner website states the following features:

Literally plug and play through USB. Customize your button configuration for your favorite games however you like.

Constructed from half-inch billet aluminum to ensure that it will stand up to rigorous play.

Treadmill belt is user-propelled and weighted to allow for a nice smooth walking motion.

Hardcoded back/strafe buttons for directing walking movement for maximal maneuverability.

Intuitive design keeps movements natural and the learning curve small. Anyone can learn to use the GameRunner.

The twist-grip "throttle" allows for vertical aim, a definite gameplay requirement in today's highly involved FPS games.

Quickly and conveniently folds up when not in use. No need to worry about cluttering your room.

Incorporating physical movement into gameplay makes for supremely surreal multiplayer competition.

Interfaces with your PC using the standard keyboard/mouse protocol and drivers to replace keyboard/mouse play. Check out the Game Runner website for further details

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