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The Commodore is back! New handheld device announced

by Steven Williamson on 6 January 2006, 14:05

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Our old friend is back!

2006 International CES

The classic home computer and brand name that is Commodore is back with a new handheld device. It feels like an old friend has returned after being missing for many years.

Commodore prided itself in developing "computers for the masses, not for the classes". In the late 1980s, the PC market was dominated by IBM and Apple Macintosh platforms, while Commodore frantically marketed the Amiga with little success. The company declared bankrupcy in 1994. In March 2005, the Commodore name was sold to Yeahronimo Media Ventures for a fee of US$22 million. The new company is called Commodore International Corporation.

The device will include five eight-bit arcade games, with the promise of approximately 100 games available to download online. It comes with a 20GB hard drive running Windows CE, and will offer GPS functionality.

The information was received from CES in Las Vegas where we're trying to get pictures and further information.

Whether Commodore can succeed or not is debatable. Yeahronimo Media Ventures has a tough act to follow.

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A few details on the corporate site here:
I heard a few weeks back that the name had been bought apparently (at the time) and that they were going to try and bring Commodore back.

As for the handheld thats a bloody good idea especially with downloadable content to a hard drive, will be buying me one of those when it becomes available.
if anyone sees any pics that would be cool, can't find any anywhere
The name gets bought every so often and usually they go out of business due to the commodore curse.
Anyone remember the Commodore64 laptop styled 486 PC someone brought out a few years ago… ?

(here's an old review of it …