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Favourite console of all-time poll: The results

by Steven Williamson on 25 August 2008, 10:15

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Over 1,000 votes have now been cast in our gaming poll to find out the HEXUS.gaming readers favourite console of all-time and it's been a relatively close call between the top three.

Amassing 17% of the total vote and topping the poll is the Xbox 360, which received 174 votes. Second up, was the Playstation 3 with 14% (146 votes) and thirdly was SNES, which picked up 12% of the vote.

Surprisingly, despite Wii selling like hot cakes, it performed rather poorly in the poll, picking up just 5% of the votes.

Although Xbox 360 finished top of the poll, it should be noted that Sony outperformed Microsoft if you take into account the results of the various Playstation and Xbox models. PSOne, PS2 and PS3 got 29% of the total votes between them, whereas Xbox (which only picked up 10 votes in total) and Xbox 360 received 17%.

The full results were as follows (a table of the results can be found beneath the graph)...

[graph 163]

Atari  17
NES 38
SNES 129
Gameboy 15
N64 71
Gamecube 9
Nintendo DS 26
Wii 61
Master System 11
Genesis/Mega Drive 50
Sega CD 6
Saturn 9
Dreamcast 38
PSOne 64
PS2 68
PS3 146
PSP 14
Xbox  10
Xbox 360 174
Other 35

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Not too surprised that Sony outdid Microsoft. Microsoft got into the game 8 years after Sony. What I found more surprising is Nintendo's standing in the poll: only the SNES did well even though the GB, DS and Wii are some of the most successful consoles (granted the Wii still pale next to the PS2 which only did marginally better in the poll). I suppose that despite sales indicating otherwise, most people would not pick a portable console as their favourite.
would be interesting to do another poll the same in the future (i.e. when people don't have the 360's and ps3's as their main console, to avoid fanboi-ism that could occur) and see if the results are the same
Yay, the Master System didn't do too badly.
I don't know why I voted for it, I just have a few fond memories of playing Sonic and some James Bond game.
Sadly teh Master System (2) is long gone now.:(
Surprised to see PS3 so high…

For me it was the PSONE, nothing like playing Spyro and some of the other fantastic titles.
Pretty nice graph FTW… :mrgreen: