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OCZ NIA... a no brainer?

by Nick Haywood on 5 June 2008, 15:00


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Hands-off gaming control?

We’ve already covered OCZ’s NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) at both CES and CeBIT but this is the first time I’ve seen it in the flesh in its final, retail guise. Now the technology is way beyond my understanding using, so I’m told, a combination of brain impulses, micro-electric pulses in facial muscles and probably cycles of the moon or something. These are picked up by the sensors which now contain directional carbon (whatever the hell that is) and then translated into game commands by the little box of magic the headset plugs into.

All you do on the PC is assign the various outputs from the box to buttons or mouse commands and you’re all set. Now the problem I had with early versions was it was just way too erratic and no amount of eyebrow raising, smiling or grimacing would get the game doing what I wanted it to. We’ll have to wait until we get the finished retail sample in for review but here’s an idea of what I’ll probably look like using it…

Click for larger image

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cue obligatory taser comments
“directional carbon”

its Carbon nanotubes used incase you wanted to know.

Carbon nanotube - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also just saw that you can pre order this from Ebuyer for £90 or £100 from
So Nick tried earlier versions that probed his brain… I bet the other hexus staff got the OCZ to implant subliminal messages in the earlier samples, explains why he was willing to do some things normal sane people wouldn't try, .. “don't tase me bro!” bzzzzzzztt ow..

when you get one in for testing, it might actually improve the spelling of certain articles.

and why oh why would you want to click the picture to get a larger version? gave me a right shock that did.. although nick isn't afraid of giving or taking a shock now and again, or so I've heard.

(can't think of any more taser references)
Are these guys serious? Why are they clowning around with nonsense gimmicks?
This belongs in a circus, not Computex.
How many games will support this when it is launched?