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NOVA bag comfortably crams in all your gaming periperhals

by Steven Williamson on 6 March 2008, 17:46

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For LAN gaming

Nova gaming, the French maker of cutting edge mouse pads and peripherals for professional users, is introducing the NOVA B4L bag, designed for you to hold all the goodies you to take to esports events.

It's compact, measuring 250x430x50mm, and appears to have all the necessary compartments and pouches to fit your keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset.

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According to NOVA gaming, the waterproof bag weighs approximately 700g and has a ventilated and padded backside, along with a cross shoulder strap to ensure comfort when carrying your gear. In addition to the main strap, the bag also has a carrying handle.

We've rooted through the bag and it contains five main storage zones:

- External pocket for personal belongings
- Internal mouse pocket
- Internal headset pocket
- Internal pocket for the keyboard or notebook
- Central pocket with solid bottom for a mouse pad

There is also a mobile phone pocket that sits at chest height for easy access, along with a small slot where you can slip your ID cards.

NOVA gaming is also showing an 8000dpi mouse mat - and we'll be reviewing that in due course.

NOVA gaming site: http://www.esportnova.com

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the waterproof bag weighs approximately 700g

Quite heavy really if you also have a heavy-ish laptop….
Quite heavy really if you also have a heavy-ish laptop….

Yeah, it's meant specifically just for your gaming stuff. There's not really a pouch for a laptop.