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Warrior XXtreme muscles in on CeBIT

by Steven Williamson on 3 March 2008, 17:02

Tags: Wolfking

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Flexible three-layer silicon membrane. Rubbery!

Fresh from its award-winning showing at CES 2008, Wolf King’s Warrior XXtreme will be making an appearance at CeBIT 2008, which officially starts tomorrow. The last gamepad in the Wolf King range, the Warrior keyboard, won the HEXUS.gaming editor's choice award, so we've got high hopes that this new version will perform just as well.

We'll be going hands-on with 'the weapon of champions' later this week, as well as Wolf King's entire catalogue of gaming pads and mice, but we took the opportunity before the crowds arrive at the show, to take a close up look at the gamepad, which appears to be designed perfectly for both FPS and RPG gaming.

It features a 'WASD' layout, dual 'CTRL' and custom oversized keys. There's an ergonomic design for comfort, along with audio controls and a 'K lock' key for convenient communication. It looks sexy with a 'blue moon' backlight that can be turned on and off.

On the back are two elevation risers for optimal height adjustment and two USB slots. We're told that among many other features it has a specially weighted key mechanism and a flexible three-layer silicon membrane designed for maximum comfort.

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