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Formula One 06 comes to Playstation

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), Sports

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Press release

Set for launch in June 2006, FORMULA ONE 06 is the only official game of the 2006 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ and is back exclusively to PlayStation2 and PSP (PlayStation Portable). Loaded with new features and all the official 2006 drivers, cars, teams, circuits and rules, FORMULA ONE 06 is the only way to truly interact with the world’s raciest sport!

FORMULA ONE 06 on is all about speed, competition and fast-paced action. If you’re a novice, switch on the improved driver and racing aids to race for fun; or turn them off for a full length GRAND PRIX experience if you’re a FORMULA ONE professional.

FORMULA ONE 06 features the ability to Network Play between PlayStation 2 and PSP. This means players can now compete online across platforms to see who the fastest FORMULA ONE 06 racer is. In other words, if you own the PlayStation 2 version of the game and your friend owns the PSP version, you can still compete on the same circuit!

For the first time, the experienced Studio Liverpool development team has been hard at work on both titles, to ensure the 2006 games remain innovative and fresh. Brand new features include:

Accessibility: Thanks to new racing aids, any gamer can pick-up and play FORMULA ONE 06 and enjoy the exhilaration of driving a FORMULA ONE car. Equally, if you’re a confirmed F1 driver, you can scale the gameplay to make it more simulation oriented. Either way, you will have access to a Tips and Learning Centre to constantly improve your racing skills

Online Play: You can now race online in a complete 18-race season! Relive the excitement and the competition of a full championship season. Winning it will make it even more satisfying!

Cross Platform: Race online between all PlayStation platforms!

Realism: Race in this year’s championship with all the 2006 drivers, cars, teams, circuits and rules!

Getting even closer to the world’s most glamorous sport, both titles give players the real FORMULA ONE experience via new additional features including:

Classic Cars: Unlock and take the wheel of classic FORMULA ONE cars
Extensive Career Mode: Chief Engineer - A new way of playing career mode
Live Action Racing: Pressure system, AI mistakes and collisions, race incidents, new physics
Race Car Evolution: Tune and set up your car without going through complicated menu screens

The PSP version will also take advantage of Infrastructure Mode allowing you to race online, a first for FORMULA ONE on PSP.

So… take a seat, put on your racing gloves and get ready to experience the action-packed racing fun that is FORMULA ONE 06 on PSP and PlayStation 2.