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ArtGuitar Unveils the AG RiffMaster Limited Edition Guitar Controller for Playstation 2

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Press release

Niwot, CO – October 8, 2007– ArtGuitar, a leading designer of innovative custom paint and technology for guitars, announced today plans to release the limited edition AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller, a genuine life-size Peavey guitar modified for play with guitar based music videogames on the Playstation 2 computer entertainment system. Under license by Signatures Network, the limited edition item will showcase ArtGuitar’s unique paintings featuring several iconic rock bands on Signatures Network's roster, including KISS, Pantera and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

ArtGuitar is best known for its patented process that digitally paints images onto real guitars, transforming the instruments into collectible masterpieces. Using the same state-of-the-art technology, ArtGuitar and Peavey will bring exclusive, limited edition designs to a guitar controller for the first time. For this holiday season only, each design displayed on the body of the AG RiffMaster™ Guitar Controller will feature a limited edition image of a rock band or artist. Unlike other custom paint jobs, the ArtGuitar image lasts as long as the guitar because it is painted on using a quality finish that contains the same properties as the original paint on the guitar and is followed by a professional clear coat and buffing by the luthiers in the Peavey® Custom Shop.

“We’ve partnered with Peavey Electronics to take gaming to a whole new sophisticated level,” stated Steve Spurgeon, CEO of ArtGuitar. “From the moment you pick up the AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller you will find yourself immersed in the truest rock n’ roll videogame experience around, and you’ll never want to go b ack to those plastic guitars again.”

The limited edition AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller features the sleek outer shell and weight of a real Peavey guitar, providing the most authentic music videogame experience possible. Crafted from natural rosewood, the neck features five colored fret buttons located amongst real frets and position markers on a genuine fingerboard. The solid strum bar is strategically placed above the pickup and allows players to transfer smoothly from note to chord without missing a beat, while the whammy bar features a tight, smooth spring. The guitar strings have been removed, but the headstock of the AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller still sports real tuning pegs for an added visual appeal.

ArtGuitar has partnered with well-known instrument manufacturer, Peavey Electronics, to launch the AG RiffMaster™ Guitar Controller. Under the deal Peavey will manufacturer the guitar controller while ArtGuitar will create the guitar’s limited edition, custom artwork and distribute the product.

The limited edition AG RiffMaster Guitar Controller will be released Holiday 2007 and is available for pre-order now at www.artguitar.com. Choose from 11 different designs featuring iconic bands KISS, Pantera and Lynyrd Skynyrd. More designs and artists will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information on ArtGuitar or to pre-order your AG RiffMaster™ Guitar Controller please visit www.artguitar.com.