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Tags: ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD), Oxygen Interactive

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Oxygen Interactive Authorises Launch of Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction for PS2, Xbox and PC

Feeding the flames of conspiracy, Oxygen Interactive today authorised the March 2005 launch of Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction, a thrilling first-person-shooter for PS2, Xbox and PC.

Players assume the square-jawed role of Cole Justice, an ex government secret service agent, trained mercenary and all-round tough guy, recruited by 'the agency' for one final assignment. According to intelligence reports, a rogue government agency known as 'Hydra' has been developing weapons of mass destruction to sell to worldwide terrorist organisations. Hydra has been long suspected of funding its activities through unlawful means, including the trafficking of arms and drugs

The government no longer has control over this rogue agency and it has quickly become an embarrassment in need of urgent elimination

Developed by award-winning game studios, Kuju, Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction is propelled by the powerful Fire Warrior engine and takes first person shooting to a whole new altitude. Across five sprawling levels, gameplay spans from secret bases in Aztec ruins to military training camps in the Arctic Circle.

As a trained mercenary, Cole's weaponry consists of pistols, assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and rocket launchers weapons.

Remember. Believe nothing... Trust no-one...

Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction is being developed by Kuju and will be published by Oxygen Interactive in March 2005 for PS2 and PC and May for Xbox, price to be confirmed.