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Thrustmaster To Release The First Ever Ferrari-Licensed PC Gamepad

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SURREY - 5th November, 2002 — With the objective to expand the Ferrari license product range, Thrustmaster® is pleased to announce the release of the first Ferrari-licensed PC gamepad, the 360 Modena® Upad Force.

“Over the years, the Ferrari-licensed product range has become more and more requested by our PC customers” says International Marketing Manager Luc Duchaine “By extending the license to our new gamepad, we want to give the opportunity to a bigger group of gamers to have their own Ferrari-licensed product”.

The 360 Modena Upad Force is a pure pleasure for the gamer’s eyes. It is the first gamepad for PC to include features from the legendary 360 Modena car: 360 Modena dashboard design and famous prancing horse logo. Their hands will also be pleased with Thrustmaster’s new and exclusive ergonomic U shape and rubber-textured handles.

The 360 Modena Upad Force offers the possibility to play in three different
modes: digital, analog and racing. The racing mode allows you to use one ministrick for the gas and brake and the second one for the direction thus increasing the control and performance in racing games. Powered by Immersion TouchSense Technology, the two internal motors provide true Force Feedback effects while the 12 programmable action buttons can easily be remapped to suit gamers preferences by using the Thrustmapper programming software.

Based on a USB interface, the 360 Modena Upad Force is 100% Windows® XP compatible.

The 360 Modena® Upad Force is available now in PC World and selected retail outlets with a recommended retail price of £24.99 inc VAT.