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Introducing the ABKONCORE ASTRA AM6 Gaming Mouse

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The Netherlands, 23 January 2020 – ABKONCORE is pleased to announce the availability of the ASTRA AM6 cost effective gaming mouse. This rigor PC gaming mouse is ambidextrous, ergonomic and simply cool.

The addition of the RGB function to this niche mouse makes it even cooler. Colorful 16.8 million RGB led glaring around the mouse. Customize your own send of gaming by choosing one of the 4 pre-set flash modes to you own liking. The ASTRA AM8 is provides comfort due to the outline natural human grip design and symmetrical shape for both right and left hand use.

This way you can switch between using the mouse left and right to release fatigue when entered in long gaming sessions.

The new ASTRA is featured with 4-Step sensitivity adjustment to maximum 3200 DPI. Either to increase or decrease the pointer speed for any specific game you’re playing. PDI can be set without software, just by the push of a button. The optical precision sensor enables you to control the mouse with high accuracy and aim faster than you opponents.



Model: ASTRA AM6

Sensor: Optical

Polling rate: 125Hz

Resolution: 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI

Key: 7

Acceleration: 8g

LED effect: RGB

Interface: USB

Dimensions: 70(w)x127(d)x35(h)mm

Weight: 250 gram



€19,95 / $24,95




ABKONCORE is a Korean provider of high performance PC components and gaming peripherals. Many years of professional production experience and strong background of gaming PC components and peripherals which are tested by Korean game enthusiasts and PC cafe users, ABKONCORE is proudly introducing the gaming gears and PC peripherals.