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nerdytec Launches Couchmaster® CYBOT

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The new gaming lapboard will allow users of wireless devices like notebooks and tablets to comfortably game and surf the web from their couch

[16.01.2020] - Gaming hardware company nerdytec today announces the launch of its new premium gaming lapboard, the Couchmaster® CYBOT. The Couchmaster® CYBOT is the ideal solution for wireless device users seeking a comfortable and ergonomic gaming experience.

The Couchmaster® CYBOT is made from sustainable bamboo and refined with a soft-touch surface. It includes a laptop cooling system and boasts an expert design for comfortable gaming sessions. The cushions, which come in a cool military sports look, provide a stable hold with parts of them equipped with Kevlar®. The CYBOT is both sturdy and stylish, maintaining a smooth look and feel.
Without the use of a lapboard, notebook or tablet gamers are resigned to a desk set-up, while their console-gaming counterparts are able to enjoy the comfort of sitting on a couch. Now, with the Couchmaster® CYBOT, notebook or tablet users can comfortably play from their couch without having to worry about the effects of bad posture or keeping their hardware in order. Gamers ensure order is always kept with side pockets to keep their power supply and accessories, and with an additional mouse bag.

“The CYBOT provides notebook users with an easy and ergonomic way to surf or game while sitting on their couch,” said Chris Mut, co-founder and CEO of nerdytec. “No longer are they constrained to their desk while surfing or gaming: CYBOT users can now comfortably join console users in their couchgaming experience.”
Laptop gaming is surging in popularity: More games than ever are now available for PC and gaming laptops offer increasingly impressive capabilities that rival the quality of the console experience. With 52% of active gamers playing on PCs for an average of 12 hours a week, it’s vital that they take into account the negative effects of laptop gaming without the right support system.

MSRP and availability

The Couchmaster® CYBOT is now available at Amazon or in the nerdytec shop at a MSRP of 119 €.

About nerdytec

nerdytec is an international gaming hardware company headquartered near Cologne, Germany. The company was born from the passion for gaming of its two founders: Chris Mut and Roman Jakob, and now offers a range of premium gaming lapboards to enable all gamers to play and surf from the comfort of their couch.