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X3: Reunion

by Nick Haywood on 27 April 2005, 00:00

Tags: X3 Reunion, Deep Silver, Simulation

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First Look : X3:Reunion

FIRST LOOK: X3: Reunion

Having already mentioned X3: Reunion in our massive E3 Roundup Egosoft have now released more details on the sequel to X2: The Threat.

Unveiling some of the key aspects to the game, which they hope will define X³ as a 'bench mark' in the space combat/trading genre, Egosoft have also announced that X3 is set for launch quarter three 2005 on PC CDROM and on an as yet undisclosed console. This version is estimated at a quarter four release. Both versions will be released in Europe by publisher DEEP SILVER.

Combat A.I. has been improved to take all ship classes into account and will challenge players; from individual dog fights to commanding full-scale fleets against massive enemy armadas. A new array of weapon systems give increased choice and tactics for any situation, while the multiple threat targeting system makes the player a force to be reckoned with. Rebalanced fighter classes make any encounter a challenge for players of all levels.

X³: REUNION introduces a new economy system, dynamically reactive in pricing relative to supply and demand. Players benefit from flexible factory capacity, new products to manufacture and a variety of ship classes for trade. The new management interface allows for improved realism and ease of use, as negotiations of product prices with NPC game characters can occur, in addition to quoted prices based on availability.

The evolved and larger universe gives the player more freedom to create their ultimate trade empire. Varied sector sizes allow player and NPC factories to be positioned three dimensionally, while A.I. behaviour lets the player experience the destruction of factories through race wars and natural disasters, triggering competition for the player with A.I. NPC factories. Budding trade entrepreneurs can interconnect factories to create huge space borne complexes, to truly mass produce the commodities a universal economy demands.

A professional screen-written story line can be followed or ignored by the player, in the complete freedom of a sprawling, 'free roaming' universe. Every action of the player has a consequence upon the surrounding universe and the characters within. Missions tailor for players of all levels, acting as both a challenge for the experienced and a learning curve for the novice. Game starting positions allow players to choose different career paths, for any of the universe's species. Hollywood voice talent adds to the movie feel of the game and brings a universe of characters to life.

X³: REUNION engine utilises the very latest DirectX 9 graphical technology; 2.0 pixel shader technology is used to create realistic reflections across a variety of surface types, while bump maps and specula maps add detail to the geometry of objects. Over 200 newly designed models have been created for X³, penned by professional artists. Star ship detail has been massively increased; implementation through the new Reality engine gives an increase in detail of up to 10 times

Completely redesigned X universe, with new high detailed environments including asteroid fields, dense gaseous nebulae's, star ship graveyards and much more. Players can fly much closer to planetary bodies; where space stations can hang in low planetary orbits. A multitude of new technologies and weapons systems, make the player even more devastating in combat; multi threat tracking system allows for numerous objects to be pin pointed simultaneously.

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drooooooollllllll/……oops looks like i flooded the forums…
looks amazing…

The other console is probably the new Xbox…
Looks amazing - let's hope they will provide a proper interface in X3 this time.
OK, call me a noob, but I got X2: The Thread with my XFX 6800GT. I installed it, tried the tutorial, but quickly got exceptionally bored.

Somebody please “sell it to me” as I seem to be missing the point of the thing.
Kez - this is probably one of the hardest games to get into. In fact I would say impossible without a bit of help. However, it is worth it as it's the best space sim since elite.

1. Register here.

2. Register your X2 copy here

3. Download Patch 1.4 and the All in one bonus pack from the same site.

This allows all the upgrades and additional scripting to be applied that will make running factories etc easier.

Also you can get all the info you need to help you out on that forum. It's very extensive. e.g.

Ultimate Guide to Everything IN x2

Key Commands

X2 Map - Spoiler

To start just explore and look for hidden containers inside space stations. “O” opens cargo bay to collect. Do mission 1 and keep exploring and looking for secret containers. Sell the contents of the containers to make money. Upgrade ship. At the start you are too small to take on most ships only mandalays or bayamons unless you have experience. Ship capture guide should be in Ultimate guide to everything.

If you want further info PM me with your email addy and I'll send you all the useful stuff I've downloaded like - All ship/weapons/map info. Tips on how to start. Best places to build your factories using Sector Planner. etc

It's very cool when you earn enough money to buy a Capital ship, fill it with 100 fighters, equip those fighters from your own factories -fill those fighters with drones then (hyperdrive) jump into an enemy sector along with a patrol of 5 corvettes and destroy everything insight. :rockon: