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Fatal1ty gaming mouse

by Nick Haywood on 9 January 2006, 19:38

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Jonathan gives YOU his edge....

Another show and yet another gaming mouse for the public to go ‘ooh’ over… This time it’s Jonathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel who reckons he’s got the next big thing for gamers with his new gaming mouse.

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At first glance, the Fatal1ty gaming mouse doesn’t look too different from any other mouse out there but it has a few features that gamers might be interested in, though these look like becoming the standard for gaming mice now anyways…

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First off, we’ve got the whole switchable DPI thing, something RAPTOR GAMING and Logitech have been doing for a while with Razer following along too, so although it’s nothing new, it’s nice to see it there. What is different, and perhaps not in a good way, is that this is an optical mouse and not a laser mouse, so the max DPI is only 1600… but that should be plenty to satisfy even the twichiest gamer.

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Next up are the buttons themselves… Creative say that this is a ‘whole hand’ mouse and where you might find a fourth button as one of a pair under your thumb on the left side or perhaps even over on the right (as with the Razer Copperhead), the Fatal1ty mouse has this button mounted on top next to the right mouse button meaning all four fingers have something to do. How this would work in non-games apps with right clicking wasn’t tested by us as we were too busy taking the mouse apart to see the final feature.

The middle of the mouse pops out on a press and release spring system to then be completely removable. You can then slot in varyingly weighted centres to give the mouse the right weight and balance for your gaming needs… again, not a new innovation but at least they’re trying a different way of doing it. One has to wonder at this ‘quick customization’ lark that mouse manufacturers seem to love… why would we want to keep customising our mice once we’ve set it up the first time? Ah well…

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Looks a bit irksome to hold, and its got that stupid name on, oh…..And its creative who i think have the worst support system ever (or used to). MX518 = win in my book after all this time.

However i could be proven completely wrong……
yeah it does seem a bit weird to have another persons gamer tag on there. Perhaps they should make them customised with your own tags. Who wants to be reminded that you will never be as good as him (fair play to him though)
Gimicky looking, I'm after a 1600dpi mouse, mines switchable between 200, 400 and 800.

But I have some aversion to anything with Fatal1ty name on it, but then I'm probably just jealous he makes money from doing something I do for fun :)
I agree with the comment on quick customization - surely you can't be THAT picky that you'd need to keep changing the weight of your mouse, as you'd never get used to it.
I would think most people just get used to the weight of a new mouse when they get it, but of course hardcore gamers have their own special needs :P

Pyle does the DPI switch actually make a difference, do you actually use it when gaming?

Shame Logitech didn't offer him the most money, they might have come up with a better design more worthy of my moolah.
Be nice to get your own tag on definately, not that prat's. XD