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Digital RF could save your wallet!

by Nick Haywood on 12 March 2006, 09:01

Tags: Bluetrek

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The whistling key-finder for the digital age

HEXUS.CEBIT Bluetrek, the makers of the water resistant X2 headset have been beavering away on another innovative product, one designed to help you find and not lose your valuables.

The Serenity is a digital RF device that is so small then you can slip the transmitter units into your wallet, purse or briefcase and use them to keep a tab on your valuables.

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You keep the large base unit on you, which can connect to up to three transmitters, and you attached the transmitters to whatever you fancy, say your car keys or your bag. Then, if you’re looking for your keys and can’t find them, the transmitter will beep once you’re within 5 meters once you set the base to seek mode.

But the best bit is the transmitters will automatically sound an alarm should they go more than ten meters from the base unit when active. This means you’ll never be able to accidentally leave your wallet behind or walk off forgetting your bag and a beeping pickpocket is a lot more conspicuous...

Oh, and before any parents out there go thinking this is a good way to keep an eye on wandering toddlers, Bluetrek would like me to point out that this is NOT what Serenity is designed for and they will not endorse its use for this purpose.



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A varient of this sort of thing should be in laptops as standard, or like an eperb device you can track online, so you can hunt the dirty dogs down that just nicked your lappy, and open a can o whoop ass on em! Mwa ha ha haaa… Ok maybe not but you know what I mean ;)