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Apple begins taking SIM-free iPhone 4 pre-orders

by Parm Mann on 15 June 2010, 10:50

Tags: iPhone, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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As expected, Apple has today updated its online store to allow consumers to place pre-orders for the iPhone 4.

The device, available unlocked and SIM-free from Apple, is available with a black finish in 16GB and 32GB capacities, priced at £499 and £599, respectively.

iPhone 4 pre-orders are limited to two per customer, and Apple is guaranteeing UK delivery on launch day; June 24th.

At launch, the fourth-generation handset will also be available on contract from a number of UK mobile operators. Although subsidised pricing details are yet to be officially confirmed, Vodafone yesterday let slip potential price plans through a leak on its UK website.

According to the information, which has since been removed from the Vodafone site, users will need to sign up to a long-term £45 per month contract in order to obtain the handset at no additional cost.

Vodafone has since stated that the leak was merely a "test page," adding that the information "doesn't contain confirmed Price Plans". The leak suggested Vodafone's pricing - for both 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 handsets - would breakdown as follows:

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Six hundred pounds for a mobile phone? There really is one born every minute…
Yeah I have to admit - it's damn expensive - nice that its SIM free, however i'm gonna see what the contracts have to offer and PAYG editions which will be locked.

No way I'm paying £599 for a handset!
Who wants my desire coz damn this phone is fine!

If someone is on a contract it works out, ie, a friend of mine is paying £5 a month for 300 minutes/unlimited texts/unlimited internet - add this phone on it works out at £30 a month.

Or for example has a desire like me, sell it for near £400, pay an estra £100 and get the 4g.
Six hundred pounds for a mobile phone? There really is one born every minute…

Or free on a contract :)

Other high end phones are similar prices (£400-£600) sim free..just take a look around expansys.

I'll admit..I have decided to switch back to apple, and have pre-ordered one (on contract, not at the £600 price). If HTC would release a decent phone with a keyboard..i'd have taken it like a shot. As it is, they have not, and I dislike the current crop of non-iphones without a keyboard. Horrible to use imo. iPhone is the best UI imo in terms of being 100% finger friendly, and the apps are a nice if expensive addition.

/dons flame retardant jacket (but I don't care, flame away..)
I've got one reserved at the store and one on pre order. I'm hedging my bets with it. Seeing as the prices for the contracts don't cost any different to buying one on it's on I've gone that route. It gives far more flexibility in the future.