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Humax Adds HD To Feature-Packed 23

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Press Release

London, 30th April 2007: Humax, one of the world's largest set-top box manufacturers, has added an HDMI slot to its 23in LCD TV, to keep viewers at the forefront of next generation TV viewing. Ideal for second rooms, the sleek black widescreen LU23-TD2 has a built-in digital receiver, giving viewers access to up to fifty Freeview TV and radio channels without the need for an additional set-top box, and a PC input means it can double up as a monitor.

The enhanced LU23-TD2 boasts the high standard of features that viewers have come to expect from Humax, including text and interactive services, as well as over the air upgrade capability so to ensure maximum product life.The LU23-TD2 is also wall mountable.

In addition, the Humax LU23-TD2 offers:

*         High quality Dolby Digital output

*         Over the air download functionality so new channels are added automatically when they become available

*         S-Video and Component inputs

*         2 AV inputs for DVD, VCR, camcorders, digital cameras, satellite, cable

*         Common Interface slot

For product availability and stockists please call the Humax Sales Information Line on: 0870 247 8800 or visit http://www.humaxdigital.com/uk