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Humax HDR-FOX T2 priced and dated

by Parm Mann on 19 May 2010, 09:33

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Humax has revealed that its first Freeview HD PVR - the HDR-FOX T2 - will be launched in July priced at £349.

The surprise announcement concedes that the long-awaited receiver won't be available to consumers ahead of the 2010 World Cup, a key period for audio/visual sales.

Taking a step up from the existing HD-FOX T2, the HDR will add a second DVB-T2 tuner, allowing users to watch one channel whilst recording another.

Equipped with a 500GB hard drive and an eight-day electronic programming guide (EPG), the box will store up to 125 hours of HD video and can also playback content held on external storage via a single USB port. An Ethernet port is also included to make use of future over-the-web services such as BBC iPlayer.

Humax claims the receiver "continues our reputation for delivering easy-to-use, high-quality products," but the manufacturer's inability to deliver the HDR-FOX T2 in time for the football World Cup - coupled with a high £349 asking price - may push consumers toward rival services.

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Seems a bit overpriced to me… £349 can get you Sky+ and several months subscription including a lot more HD channels. It doesn't even look that flashy from the outside and 500GB hard drives are dirt cheap.

I hope we get some PCI-E cards under £80 soon…
Yep hugely overpriced & underspecced and too late to the party, this is going to be a flop of epic proportions.
I'm sure Humax won't cede the entire Freeview HD Plus market by over-pricing their offering. If it does not sell the price will come down until it does. It may launch at that price but will likely end up selling for under £300 after a while.
Over £300 and missing the world cup…….I'm gonna get me an sagem et90 £199.99
I'm not due to get Freeview HD until 2012 where I live so I've got plenty of time to wait before I need to think about buying a PVR. Humax are typically at the higher end of the market in terms of cost and features. The Humax PVR's are pretty well regarded which may or may not justify a higher cost depending on how important this is to you and how well it compares to other products.

A PVR is something I use every day so I wouldn't just go for the cheapest one I could find. I would want the one with the best features, performance, ease of use and reliability for a reasonable price.