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SilverStone focuses on PIO and Micro-STX chassis


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One has a rotated PCIe layout, the other room for a mobile MXM card.

Form factors are evolving in the chassis market based on newer motherboard designs. The PIO form factor is big news in China, where Internet cafes are popular. What marks this factor out from the norm is the 90-degree-rotated PCIe x16 slot, meaning you can lay a high-end card 'flat'. This also means that a triple-slot card can be used in a chassis that resembles an older Mini-ITX.

Jumping on this popularity is SilverStone, as it displayed the prototype FTZ02 case featuring the ASRock Z170M-PIO2 board. SilverStone hopes that the popularity within China will filter across other markets. Take a gander and see if tickles your fancy.

Speaking of form factors, ASRock launched the Micro-STX form factor earlier this year. It uses a 5x7in footprint so it's a bit bigger than Mini-STX. This extra space enables the company to add an MXM connector, bringing greater graphics performance to chassis that are under 5 litres in volume.

SilverStone 's prototype RVZ04 uses a 3.8-litre chassis to house said ASRock board and a GeForce GTX 1070 MXM card. The company is hoping that the Micro-STX form factor gains enough traction for it to bring out further similar chassis shortly.

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