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SilverStone unveils FN124 slimline 120mm fans

by Mark Tyson on 8 November 2018, 11:11

Tags: SilverstoneTek

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SilverStone, the compact PC chassis PSU and cooling specialist, has unveiled a new 120mm fan design. The new SilverStone FN124’s particular appeal is its reduced profile, its only 15mm thick, which makes it an attractive option where space is tight. A regular chassis fan is usually approx 25mm thick.

According to the maker the highlights of the FN124 are as follows:

  • Slim 15mm thick design for superb compatibility with smaller case designs
  • Optimized fan blades for balanced air pressure and airflow
  • Air-inlet with optimized aerodynamic reduces noisy air turbulence

Reducing the size any basically mechanical device will come with compromises unless some innovative design or technology comes into play. SilverStone has sought to maintain balance, air flow and air pressure, despite the reduced depth available for fan blades by implementing a new design. Below you can see images of the new fan blade geometry that include reinforced blades.

SilverStone utilises long life sleeve bearings in these 12V fans with 3-pin connectors. In terms of performance the FN124 Slimline 120mm fans are capable of spinning at up to 1500 rpm, producing airflow of 25.06CFM, and static pressure of 0.86mm H2O. Noise levels are 18dBA and the expected lifetime of an FN124 is 40,000 hours. Fan measurements are 120mm x 120mm x 15mm and a unit weights in at 101g.

A previously launched 15mm thick 120mm fan from SilverStone, the FN123 with white fins, is only £5.99 at Scan UK, so the FN124 should be priced in this same region.

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Yeah, I'll pass. I've never found a cheap Silverstone fan that I didn't want to throw at the wall in furious disappointment.

Silverstone seemingly make two widely separated lines of products - Low priced stuff that is utter cack and not even worth burning as effigies of technology, and quite expensive stuff that tends to be stunningly awesome.
>I've never found a cheap Silverstone fan that I didn't want to throw at the wall in furious disappointment

Imagine being this mad at a fan lol
Imagine being this mad at a fan lol
Get yourself a mate, who has read something on the internet and assumes that this means he knows far more than you, but is only paying you to do this work as it's beneath him and he has no interest in doing it himself….
Then sit down and swap out the seventeen Noctua fans in his Push-Pull watercooled and flippin' fiddly case, before then installing seventeen brand new, cheap, flimsy Silverstone über-budget fans he got for £2 each, before running some benchmarks and being expected to deliver award-winning 8-Pack level performance….

Yeah - Fan, wall, pub. In that order.
Blimeys thats harsh, you even made me register an account here with that story.
I hope you cut all contact with him!
I hope you cut all contact with him!
As mentioned, he's a mate and was actually my Best Man. He's just an Old Man, from a different time in a faraway land, and is fully embracing both the cultural differences and the nuances of being an Old Man… as well as being a hip, happening, down-with-the-young-folk kind of IT support guy, who is a hipster without becoming a Hipster.

It's complicated and he's a PITA at times, but the best friends usually are!