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Corsair's concept Slate chassis features 'French doors'


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Big enough to hold multiple systems with ease.

The Corsair Concept Slate chassis is a showpiece for some nifty new technology that may well find its way into regular-sized chassis in the future. Watch the video to see Michael Hooper show off the 'French Doors', pull-out telescopic radiator holders, multi-compartment cooling, and controlled by Commander Pro. The fully-built system weighed 55kg, we were told. Take a gander.

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Ooh… No sound, but vid looks rather nice. Pretty good build at the end, though needs more colour than just ice blue. Liking French Doors.

Not a fan of glass panels, though… and at 55kg, will one of these case manufacturers put some flippin' handles on their darn cases, please!!!
Wow that is one big case!

Those doors look easy to break, can see an accident or two with them
One seriously nice case. Now just make it smaller, have aluminium side panels with sound-proofing and I'll consider buying one.
Those doors look easy to break, can see an accident or two with them
That's why I hate TG. People like to tell me how much tougher it is, but since I can break anything and it only adds more weight to the case, I'm not keen…

I do like the ma-HOO-ssive case, though. Too many ├╝ber-mini-micro-tiny cases these days… Ideally I'd want some kind of behemoth, successor to the 900D with improved features but without going quite so far down the Caselabs/Enthoo Elite price path…
Looks like the perfect case for you to look at how would you ever move it to dust underneath it! It's huge!