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Super Flower shows off 80 PLUS Titanium-rated Leadex PSUs


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Will also make a 2,000W model for the UK market.

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Will also make a 2,000W model for the UK market.

Because only UK computer enthusiasts are dim enough to think they'll even need a 2kW PSU? Or do they think we're the only ones rich enough to run 4 R9 295X2s in crossfire (would that even work, or they limited to a miximum of 2 cards?). Seems an odd choice for a target market - I'd be much more interested to see a high efficiency 200W PSU for mainstream builds…. ;)
They make some good power supplies but I don't think the high wattage parts are of much use. I am guessing they are doing this so they can meet the new 80PLUS Titanium standard, more difficult to meet those standards at low wattages.
Maybe they meant to say European or specifically any place which doesn't use 110V? While with 220V, 2200W (assuming 90% efficiency) is 10A which any outlet should be able to handle, with 110V that's 20A which might be less common? But on the other hand any country where people use electric kettles must be able to supply ~2000W surely? Not sure, but I think the 110V/220V thing must be a reason. Also, AFAIK 110V supplies are less efficient so it might not be possible to hit Titanium cert on 110V.

+1 on high efficient, high quality 200W supplies. Even though a Titanium supply should 90% efficiency at 10% (i.e. 200W) load, there is nothing on the spec for a more reasonable idle load of 40W (or even 100W idle I guess assuming a 2000W supply would be paired with something like LGA2011 and a bunch of cards). Rather like the idea of that Asrock AM1 board with the DC in but don't think I'd pay twice the normal AM1 board price for it.
Why is it always Overclockers that gets the exclusive stuff? Bring them to Scan. I bet you those PSUs will sell like hot cakes there.
2000W PSU is fantastic if you work with multiple GPU based rendering and overclocked dual CPUs. It's a niche market and I'm extremely pleased to see Super Flower cater to it.