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Silverstone shows off prototype Temjin TJ12 case - and it's really big


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150-litre internal volume.

Significantly bigger than the already-massive TJ11, this monster of a chassis has four 180mm bottom-mounted fans, dedicated channelling of air, and room for practically all hardware.

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That thing is HUGE. It doesn't look like it is easy to work with though because everything mounted to the side and you don't have top down access to the motherboard which could make plugging cables and cards into it more difficult. I like the airflow though, like a wind tunnel with 4x 180mm fans pushing air through.
I'll be sticking with my FT-02, I think - three of those fans, in about a quarter of the volume :)
It looks so wasteful , all that unusable room.
Seriously guys, Hexus really need to get Lytro cameras or something.
Just the case for a car radiator based watercooling loop!