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EVGA plans dual-slot GeForce Titan Z cooler


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Plus a major in-house-designed revision to Precision X software.

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What's the point? no one will buy it.
What's the point? no one will buy it.

I've got more money than sense and agree with this… doesn't even have a pulse imo.
Because they can? If I worked for them I would be happy to be on that project. That seems like a good enough reason for me; it won't be a complete waste because they are likely to use similar designs for next gen cards in the future to improve overclocking performance.

The market these cards are aimed at is above enthusiast level so someone with enough money for a £2400 card is more than likely to be happy to spend extra to reduce heat and noise.
If I had the money I'd consider buying 4 watercooled z and sticking on a dual cpu motherboard…. but then I do 3D rendering so I could use the performance of 8 gpus for gpu rendering :)

Unfortunately I don't have the spare 15 grand lol
Did anyone buy a euromillions ticket? I need to check mine and I'll celebrate with a Titan Z! lol (if I win of course!)