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EVGA Z590 Dark released at $599 / €519 before tax

by Mark Tyson on 19 July 2021, 13:11


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EVGA showcased the Z590 Dark back at CES 2021 in January, but it has only just got around to making this motherboard available. The EVGA Z590 Dark is now listed in the EVGA web store, and should be on its way to your favourite local retailer too. EVGA has priced the successor to the Z490 Dark at $599 / €519 before tax.

Key features of the EVGA Z590 DARK, 121-RL-E599-KR, are its latest Intel chip set support for 10th/11th gen Core processors using the LGA 1200 socket, its E-ATX form factor, the provision of PCIe Gen4, SATA 6Gb/s, 2.5Gb/s LAN, 7.1 Channel HD Audio, Wi-Fi 6, BT 5.2, Twin Ethernet, up to USB 3.2 Gen2x2 ports, triple M.2, U.2 connections, plus its premium electronics components and cooling considerations. It is aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers.

The EVGA Z590 Dark carries over typical features of the line, like the 90 degree rotated CPU socket, twin RAM slots on the upper edge of the board, and a large (21 phase) power section. Compared to the EVGA Z490 Dark, we have been given a new-look overall, plus revised heatsink / cooling designs for the VRMs, chipset, and M.2 slot areas.

It is quite late for EVGA to release this expensive board, for a soon-to-be succeeded socket. Perhaps readers are more interested in the heavily teased EVGA X570 Dark, which is due to be unveiled soon for AMD's AM4 socket processors. Moreover, EVGA is preparing an X570 FTW motherboard model for AMD users, which will probably be released at the same time.

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Cough! how much !
Cough! how much !

To be fair, the Dark boards are *heavily* geared to the ‘overclock to the max’ crowd (for example, despite being a massive board, it only has 2 RAM slots, which is great for memory overclocking, but not so great if you want to upgrade RAM). Point is that if you're seriously considering this board as something you can use all of the features of, you've probably got an LN2 pot somewhere and the cost of the board is perfectly reasonable for what you're getting.

For almost everyone else though, this is not a good board, because you're paying for stuff you will never use - especially with turbo boosting on modern processors.
Cough! how much !
habilain's post explains a lot, but that was my first reaction, too. Well, a slightly …. fruitier version of that, anyway. :D
Was thinking of getting one of these for the living room media centre PC. With all those heat sinks I won't need a fan.

Plus, I hear with this inflation coming that it's better to be in debt.
lol … and what do they guarantee for this ? it's unreal really cashing in ? think so …