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SilverStone's new Raven lands at Computex 2012


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Marketing manager Tony Ou previews the upcoming Raven RV04 and Fortress FT04.

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What happened to turning the mobo 90 degrees? I thought that was a major part of the Raven design.
Yeah i was thinking the same thing. I have to be honest htough I didn't like the rotated motherboard what i did like was the fans being underneath the case. I thought that freed up more or the front of teh case for drive bays and what not rather than having laods of fans there. I like the look of FT04 and I would consider buying it (more so than the lian li ones at computex 12 and i am a big lian li fan). But I think if they had had the fans on the bottom with the FT02 style feet with the overall frame of this FT04 and feature set taht would be my perfect case.


Having looked more closely assuming the final product of the FT04 is similar to the prototype I think I will get one. I have to say the internals aren't quite perfect but close enough (I don't see much cable management at all). Aesthetically the only thing i really don't like is the psu grill on top I think it really breaks the lines of the case which is a shame. I would just have my psu as an exhaust to keep the clean lines but i suppose lots of people are more interested in performance than looks… maybe they can do two versions :p
I didn't like the rotated motherboard what i did like was the fans being underneath the case.
It is both of these elements that appealed to me about the RV03 design, rotating the mobo 90 degrees with the fans at the bottom means that the fans blow into the bottom of the graphics card and the air gets vented out of the top of both the card and the case, so all the heat escapes with none of those pockets that trap heat in conventional case design and I use the drive bays at the front of mine to conceal my H50 rad.
Have Silverstone gone completely crackers? That was the entire point of the Raven.

I would only buy a rotated motherboard design now if I had the choice… one of the best innovations I've seen personally. And their response was to pull it. Bizarre.
Agree with the above. The “convection” argument was always a bit of a red herring but the undeniable advantage of the stack effect is air flow directly onto the cpu and gpu without first hitting the drive cages (at the cost of extra noise if the tower is kept below the desk.

The size is appealing, as are the AP182s on the FT04, but overall both seem inferior to the RV02 and FT02. Assuming they follow the trend of the RV03 - i.e. sell it for a more reasonable price - they could still be strong products.