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Computex 2010 :: The Corsair 600T


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Jim from Corsair talks Steve through the features of the newly announced 600T chassis from Corsair.

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Not sure was worse, the case or the interviewer. Looks bland.
i stopped watching it, no point as you cant see anything as the cameraman forgot to use a light.
the whole thing was a bit shaky and badly organized (never heard of the line your not supposed to cross?) but he seems a bit nooby so give him a break.

The case looks great i thought. Yeah it does have slightly bland styling but i wold have thought most people actually prefer to have a case that doesn't look like a transformers excretion. I think things look a lot better when they are tasteful and understated.
can't say it blew me away. It's just a case anyway, im sure the interviews will improve.
Jeez guys, give the guy a break… interviewing in a show environment is seriously hard.

If were lucky we might get maybe five minutes briefing on each product before we shoot, so remembering everything that we need to ask, asking it in order and in a coherent fashion is bloody hard.

As for the camera work… this is show coverage, it's rough and dirty… You can have your chassis-porn with the hamburger shots when we get the case into the studio.