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Computex 2010 :: SilverStone crams chassis to the hilt


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Steve is shocked by just how much Silverstone pack into such a tight area...

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I really like the look of that Fortress FT03, colour is good and Silverstone seem to be really going for the 90degree rotated motherboard in a big way. I really like that idea when I first saw the first Raven, it was just a shame the rest of that case wasn't that great, especially for the price.

Any more specs for the TJ11? A quick sentence about the number of drive bays would have been good, turns out it's 9 external 5.25“ bays and 6 internal 3.5” bays. Personally I would have preffered another three external 5.25" bays instead of the 6 internal, but that's just me :)
I agree, FT03 looks the most interesting. However, I did notice or didn't notice, no optical drive.
I like the look of all 3.

Looks like they've really nailed the raven this time, that front mounted, 90degree rotated, psu is a real stroke of genius.

The fortress 03 looks great and I love the concept, those hot swappable drive bays are just lovely.
My only issue with it is I don't think it fits into the fortress range, should be called something else.
I like the look of the FT03!