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HEXUS.tv review :: The Jabra Clipper


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The Jabra Clipper, Bluetooth stereo headphones for your iPod, gets a mini-review from Nick... and he's not impressed.

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Eurotunnel ears, HAHAHA
the clipper is actually very useful. I connect it to my PC and iPhone and it works as a wireless headset very well.

The clipper does have issues with the iPhone as it does not support the skip track functions but this is detailed in the manual that came with the clipper. Granted, jabra should have put some warnings on the box and website but it's really good for PC skyping and iphone music & communication.
"Does anyone tried Jabra Headphone with Multipoint BT605S Stereo? I want to buy it but not idea about quality and sources where to buy it?

I recently check on this site but anyone know where to buy it at cheapest rate?