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Review: Jabra JX10 - is smaller really better?

by Matt Davey on 28 March 2006, 21:35

Tags: Jabra

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Got a Bluetooth headset? Chances are you have. UK law requires hands-free mobile usage while driving and this legislation caused the Bluetooth market to expand to envious sales levels.

You would expect the Bluetooth headset market to be heavily saturated by now and wouldn’t be wrong. The glut of Chinese imports has seen the price of the Bluetooth devices drop like a brick from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

So what next for one of the European market leaders Jabra? Do they produce a budget headset to meet the demand of the masses or do they continue their surge forward with more expensive devices?

In this case it’s the latter, the JX10 is the new premium headset in their, rather complete range, and was conceived by the well known Danish designer Jacob Jensen (think Bang & Olufsen).