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Review: Jabra – BlueTooth headset shootout

by Matt Davey on 31 August 2005, 00:00

Tags: Jabra

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There is rarely a vehicle that drives past that doesn’t have a driver on their mobile phone, it’s a fact of life, we all need mobiles and we all have a need to use them, all the time, no matter where we are.

In recent years the UK laws have changed to the point where you can only use a mobile in your car as long as your hands aren’t gripped round it. With this change, a massive demand was born and the appearance of every conceivable device you could think of, from a simple ear piece and microphone to a fully fledged factory fitted mobile call centre, was not unexpected.

While the demand was anticipated, the range of possibilities was hard to predict. On the whole though, BlueTooth technology was, and still is, seen as the best technology for the wireless talking masses.

One of the better known companies in this technology segment is Jabra. With a solid network of retailers and an extensive range, they seem to have the market sewn up, but just how good are their products? We got three of them in to try out.