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CeBIT 2010 : EXCLUSIVE - Thermaltake Hotswap SATA slots


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On a walk around the Thermaltake booth, we sneak behind closed doors to shoot some new SATA hotswap mounts Thermaltake are working on... which is way cooler than it sounds, seriously.

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HEXUS Forums :: 3 Comments

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Nice it's like the sharkoon desktop esata stand thingy built into the top of a case.

Although I'd like to say I really like the look of the side panel on that case with the side mounted caddy bay, not the caddy itself but the overall look and design of the side panel.
Even now there are some quite nice thermaltake cases out, but because they've taken so long to reach the UK market they've got lost and burried by other brands that have released before them.
Great idea, it will take a few years for this products to spread but i really like it and ill buy it !
Pob, yup, I know the one you mean. But having it with a flappy panel in the case itself is cool. Although once we'd left the stand, I did wonder how often I actually hot swap drives to make screwing on a caddy actually much of an inconvenience.