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Thermalright intros new high-end cooler and chassis

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 June 2009, 13:16

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Cooling specialists Thermalright ventured into new heatsink territory at COMPUTEX '09.

What you're looking at is the company's first round-shaped heatsink, dubbed Cyclone, which packs in six (6mm-thick) heatpipes and has overall dimensions of 152mm x 152nn x 160mm.

Suitable for the usual range of sockets - LGA1,366; LGA775; Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3 - the 747g, jumbo-sized cooler is equipped with a 120mm fan that spins up at a maximum of 2,500rpm.

We expect the Cyclone to cost over £50 when launched in a month or so's time, with a smaller version being readied for HTPC cases, together with a copper-based model a short while after. Trouble is, right now, there's no support for Intel's upcoming Core i5 chips.

Then there's the Spitfire VGA cooler which also packs in six heatpipes and is available in two different orientations to minimise compatibility issues in your chassis, and you see both orientations in the chassis shot.

The all-new R1x chassis also comes in two different flavours - as shown by the orange and purple colours. Both models feature custom CPU coolers, shipped with the cases, with the orange going for a massive aluminium heatsink cooled by a couple of 120mm fans, whilst the purple model has a vertical cooling setup. The R1x should be available in August for an RRP of $150 (USD).

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the first cooler pic is supposedly an early prototype, the 2nd is the retail design.

The case is “interesting” in design, but orange or purple? I would have thought red, blue or green would be more logical choices

Its good to see that the plastic shrouds for the bottom fans are optional.
New concept for putting the PSU at the front, but what the hell is going on with the rest of the case…….
Nah not particularly new, Lian Li have had cases with front mounted PSUs for a while now