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CeBIT 2010 : 5 years in the making, the Natural Computer case from Young Year


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Yes, you'd be forgiven for thinking it looks like a hi tech bird cage, but after five years in development, Young Year have some very interesting ideas behind their innovative "Natural Computer" case.

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if this allowed me to use my own PSU and mount the mobo normally, I would buy it
I've gotta say I think that is the most ugliest case I have ever seen!! The insides of computers are not attractive to look at and I don't see the fascination in seeing it all on show! Surely the airflow in these is all messed up, the dust will be horrendous and as for the risk if you know your cuppa over it!

I can't believe it would take someone five years to come up with this! It's pretty much a Silverstone Raven case with mesh panels!
I wonder what the wattage of that PSU is though, will it run an i7 OC?
Unless I'm much mistaken that was a socket A motherboard in there. :rolleyes:

The whole rought concept is ok, it is going to be light weight, low material mass (maybe cost depends on what that mesh is)
I do like the front screen&psu combo idea looks nice, however priority, so cost will be high and supply will be very limited, along with power options.

Somehow I don't see this working any better than any old pc case with the fans & panels removed.