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The Nexus One vs that Nokia one


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The Uber-geek and Unter-geek meet in a clash of geekiness that would have most anorak shops explode with anticipation... and all over a couple of mobile phones!

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Cheers Nick - put the kettle on.
Milk, one sugar, and make it snappy
You aren't here - we are.
Cheers Nick - put the kettle on.
For the sake of decency, buy some less baggy pyjama shorts… it's not a pretty sight.
The other guy missed Palm out the smartphone market.

Interesting he doesn't like the N900 keyboard but likes the touch screen one, yet uses a Blackberry … I found the Blackberry keyboard too small for my chunky fingers and get on with the spacing better on the N900.

What was the battery life like on the Nexus One? Heard it runs out uick or has it been sorted in later Android revisions?

Part of me is tempted by the Nexus One.

But all round, a good video.