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HEXUS - COMPUTEX 2007 :: Inno3D uncovered


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Inno3D's bubbly Marketing Manager, Caroline Kwok, tells us all about what makes her company great. But she would say that, wouldn't she? That's her job!

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Good interview; we've had the odd Inno3D card via the DabsValue range (I'm on one of their 7300GTs at the mo - OK, not high end, but this is a work machine) and they've been very good value and reliable as half a brick in a sock.
Cracking video. Nick looked like he was having fun, and so did the interviewee for a change. They often look a bit bemused :)
how come she speaks english so good :?, but yes good interview and btw just to add to the nvidia talking the guy in the nvidia t shirt was helping out behind nick :P.
how come she speaks english so good :?
Why is that such a surprise? :O_o1:
I wasn't there, but from her accent I'd be prepared to bet she studied in Australia. :)