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Review: 400-500Watt PSU shootout

by Steve Kerrison on 15 August 2006, 08:32

Tags: NorthQ, FSP Group (TPE:3015), be-quiet

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NorthQ NQ-4800-400 examination

Our penultimate PSU to examine is the NQ-4800-400 from NorthQ.

NorthQ 400W

The casing is a similar colour to the be quiet! PSU, but, of course, doesn't have the special EMI alloy. The fan used is the biggest of the trio, measuring in at a whopping 140mm.

But what's this... an antenna on a PSU? No, it's not 802.11g compliant...

NorthQ 400W

That would be the remote control for the PSU. Yes... remote control... you can turn this PSU on and off with a keyfob. We're assuming this could be useful for a media center PC. However, a motherboard with USB power-on should be able to deal with this without the need for extra hardware on the PSU, relying solely on +5V standby voltage.

So, the 'gimmick' of the PSU is going to be redundant in some cases, but useful in a few others.