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Review: Philips 221S3UCB USB monitor

by Tarinder Sandhu on 16 November 2012, 09:00 3.0

Tags: Philips (AMS:PHIA)

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The Ā£125 Philips 221S3UCB is designed to enable users to add a 21.5in, full-HD monitor to any system that sports USB connectivity. Driven by DisplayLink technology and working just fine as an enabler of extra real estate or as a larger-screen presentation tool when allied to a laptop, it's not a screen for everyone - gaming and high-definition video playback aren't in the same league as a regular monitor.

Technical prowess and ease of use don't mask the fact that the monitor is very much a niche product, primarily useful for increasing the desktop real estate for notebook computers. We'd like to see subsequent versions use DisplayLink's USB 3.0 technology that, ideally, is packaged into a display which is lighter and therefore more portable.

Bottom line: Philips needs to play heavily on the portability and ease-of-use themes if it's succeed in this market.

The Good

No external power
Super-easy to setup
Handy for increasing notebook real estate

The Bad

Fast-paced gaming and 1080p video playback is problematic
Pricing brings regular IPS monitors into play
Power-draw and compression can reduce battery life by 50 per cent

HEXUS Rating

Philips 221S3UCB USB monitor

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Definitely very interesting. If you want a quick and easy way to add a second monitor, this seems like a decent alternative. Especially if you don't have any spare DVI/VGA ports or whatever.

Still, would like to see what's possible with USB3.
Interesting, I would have assumed they'd have bundled a usb graphics card but I guess that would cost too much. A good product a few years ago maybe but as you say Kushan, a USB3 one would be interesting!
A boon to mobile types I'm thinking. I might even invest in one myself for when I'm holidaying and want a better than 15" display.
I would be more interested in a monitor without a video cable than one without a power cable. I could then put my base unit in my spare room and not be worried about fan noise. I already have a cordless keyboard and mouse, wi-fi printer and wi-fi router. Therefore the only reason for having my base unit near me when I use my computer is the video cable. However, as far as I am aware there are no wi-fi or radio enabled monitors. Given that movies can be streamed to a TV why can't video output be streamed to a monitor?