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Review: ASUS EN8600GTS and Foxconn 8600GT-256

by James Thorburn on 10 July 2007, 09:33

Tags: ASUS EN8600GTS

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With AMD finally releasing its low-end and mid-range DX10-compatible graphics cards, the buying choices have widened considerably, though as we've already made clear, many questions still remain about the performance of these new parts.

Today, we're taking a look at another couple of rival cards based on NVIDIA's 8600 technology.

One is ASUS's EN8600GTS - yet another entry into the 8600GTS arena where contenders, so far, have left us somewhat underwhelmed.

The other is Foxconn 8600GT-256 - an 8600GT part - priced at around Ā£30 lower.

So how do the two shape up and what kind of value-propositions are they offering?