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Review: Four Intel coolers go head-to-head. Xigmatek vs. Cooler Master vs. Akasa.

by Michael Harries on 15 September 2008, 09:48

Tags: Akasa, Cooler Master, Xigmatek

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Whether you've bought an OEM CPU that isn't supplied with a heatsink and fan, or are looking to upgrade over the stock bundled-in-box unit, your choice of an aftermarket cooler can depend on many variables - from thermal performance, to quietness, to ease of installation. Indeed, we took a look at a ridiculous number of coolers in our megatest last year.

Today, however, we're looking at just four CPU coolers for Intel LGA 775 CPUs. All of them use the standard push-pin mounting mechanism for nice-and-easy installation, eschewing the need to remove the motherboard from the case to mount backplates.

Lining up from Akasa, Xigmatek and Cooler Master, read on to see which of the contenders comes out on top?