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Review: Gigabyte Triton 180

by Matt Davey on 30 May 2007, 11:31

Tags: Gigabyte (TPE:2376)

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Front panel - inside

Although the front of the case is made of brushed aluminium, it's mounted on a plastic frame that attaches it to the case.

To remove the front, it's necessary to first take off both side panels - that lets you access and prise open the six plastic retaining clips.

 Gigabyte – Triton 180

A removable air filter sits down low within the front cover behind the decorative mesh. Many such filters are made from a cloth-like material but Gigabyte has used a metal material similar to the mesh on the front of the panel. The execution isn't wonderful but, all the same, it's good to see such a feature within this price segment.

 Gigabyte – Triton 180

On the front of the chassis proper and down low is a single fan that draws in air through the mesh filter. This is a Gigabyte-branded 120mm unit that's held in place by screws passing through the face of the chassis.

Oddly, the wiring for the two audio sockets appears out of a hole at the right and then passes across to the left. Better, surely, to have pressed another hole into the face of the case at the left so these cables didn't have to run across the fan vents?

Perhaps the company was more concerned with the tidiness of the inside of the case. Even so, doing that shouldn't be incompatible with a layout that keeps the wires away from the air flow.