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Review: Gigabyte Triton 180

by Matt Davey on 30 May 2007, 11:31

Tags: Gigabyte (TPE:2376)

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Front panel

Gigabyte offers the Triton 180 in four colour schemes - all-silver, all-black, silver with black front and black with silver front. Each colour variant is available with a selection of power supplies - 450W, 500W or 550W - or with no power supply at all.

The case we're looking at is the all-black variant that comes with no power supply - we fitted a Corsair HX620W.

 Gigabyte – Triton 180

The main body of the Triton 180 is steel, as are the side panels. The front panel, in contrast, is brushed aluminium. That arrangement is not unexpected in this price range but the overall finish was far better than we have seen on comparably-priced cases before.

 Gigabyte – Triton 180

At the front, five 5.25in external drive bays sit above two 3.5in drive bays that are flanked by an array of buttons, ports and sockets.

On the left is a reset button safely recessed to prevent it being pushed by accident. Below that are headphone and mic sockets. Over at the right, the power on/off switch sits above a pair of USB ports and a single six-pin FireWire400 port.