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Jack Sparrow spotted at COMPUTEX

by James Smith on 5 June 2007, 15:43

Tags: Adata (3260.TWO)

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Computex 2007 It seems that Pirates of the Caribbean 3 has made a big impression on A-DATA. While checking out the company's stand at COMPUTEX, I noticed a nifty little SD card + USB combo.

When not using the supplied adapter, the device functions as a normal USB memory stick (albeit in the shape of a mini-SD card), however, when the adapter is attached, it functions as a normal SD card.

Visit the product page and see if Keira looks as good on an SD card as she does on the silver screen.

The device, available in capacities of 512MB-2GB and in designs of the most popular characters from the film (Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Keira Knightley), will also be offered without the Disney branding in both normal and Super 80x speeds.

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So, how hard was it to resist the temptation to say

“Keira on my stick”?

Looks tasty (as it were)