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Promo: Win one of ten 120GB Crucial M500 SSDs

by HEXUS Staff on 10 February 2014, 10:00

Tags: Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

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Our friends at Crucial have an interesting proposition for you. In an effort to learn more about its storage business, Crucial has reached out and asked the knowledgeable HEXUS readers to participate in an online survey about SSDs and memory - something that is right up your street.

In return for your good will and expertise, Crucial is giving each and every participant a free £10 voucher to use on your next purchase of Ballistix memory or an SSD from Crucial.com. It's hard to argue against a free voucher, but the icing on the cake is that Crucial will also pick out the names of 10 lucky participants and gift them each an award-winning 120GB M500 SSD!

What's not to like? All you have to do is complete the survey at this URL: http://hexus.net/glc/4F/

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Just popped one of these into another PC as an upgrade. Cracking drive for £60.
there's an error in the survey. Q14 doesn't have a tick box for “other” and ignores anything you write in the text box forcing you to select another option.

Also the way they have limited the options for ranking decision making in buying RAM is going to skew their results. The criteria don't really reflect the way I select/recommend RAM.
45 quid for a 120GB SSD?! That's crazy good value. Can't really afford one but thinking about getting it!
buggy surveymonkey….
That is a mega cheap SSD, and I loved the M4, but the M500 does have an iffy reputation currently. Have FW updates sorted it? In need of a new drive to replace a quickly filled 64GB M4.