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Crucial announces availability of m4 SSD

by Navin Maini on 27 April 2011, 14:35

Tags: Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

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Crucial has announced the availability of its m4 SSD, with direct pricing starting at £95.99 and £183.59, respectively, for 64GB and 128GB flavours, through to £367.19 and £735.59, respectively, for 256GB and 512GB variants.



The 2.5in m4 SSD - which we put under the microscope recently - claims maximum sequential read speeds of 415MB/s across the range. Maximum sequential write speeds move from 95MB/s and 175MB/s, respectively, for the 64GB and 128GB parts, to 260MB/s on the 256GB and 512GB SKUs.

If it's IOPS you're after, the m4 SSD is said to deliver 4KB random read operations per second rated at 40,000 IOPS top-to-bottom, whilst 4KB random write operations per second are rated at 20,000 IOPS for the 64GB SSD, 35,000 IOPS for the 128GB SSD and 50,000 IOPS for the 256GB and 512GB parts.

Crucial follows trend and throws in a 3-year warranty, while declaring that the m4 SSD represents the delivery of higher capacities and even greater performance, at affordable prices.

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When you look at the prices even though it is slower than the vertex 3 it is better just because of the amount of performance for the price.
Read speeds on my C300 are amazingly good for my needs as a system drive, these look even better and not a bad price either.