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Super Talent sets its sights on the mainstream with affordable VSSDs

by Parm Mann on 9 April 2010, 10:34

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Super Talent has today launched a line of affordable solid-state drives as part of its VSSD range.

Designed to provide consumers with "the option to enter the SSD world with a limited budget," Super Talent's drives will be priced from as little as £50 and claim to offer "no compromise in performance".

The latter promise might be a stretch of the imagination, though, as you do get what you pay for.

Whilst the VSSD line offers many of the benefits associated with Flash-based media - namely quick access speeds, virtually no noise and lower power consumption - Super Talent manages to lower prices by reducing both capacity and performance.

Kicking off the range is a limited 8GB VSSD, a 2.5in drive offering sequential read and write speeds of 80MB/s and 30MB/s, respectively. The drive offers half the minimum required capacity for a 32-bit installation of Windows 7, but could be just about sufficient for a lightweight Linux distribution. Super Talent will be hoping its $65 (roughly £42 excluding VAT) price tag will help attract attention, but the company's higher-capacity VSSD drives are likely to be more popular.

A 16GB model will offer the same read and write speeds as the 8GB unit, a larger 32GB drive will raise speeds to 150MB/s and 60MB/s, and a range-topping 64GB model tops out at 150MB/s and 100MB/s.

Pricing of course rises along with capacity and performance, and Super Talent reckons you can expect to pay $175 (roughly £114 excluding VAT) for the 64GB model, putting the drive up against the likes of Kingston's SSDNow series.

There's no mention of support for Windows 7's TRIM command, and no details regarding controller or firmware, but it'll be interesting to see how Super Talent's 64GB drive compares in terms of real-world performance.

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the technology is not mature enough for a value range to viable.

ocz and others have tried but here in the uk the “value” and high end stuff carry pretty much the same price tag.

unless you have an expensive controller that does decently on random write, has a FUNCTIONAL TRIM (rather than just a tick box) or aggressive background garbage collection you won't want to touch these.
You could probably get a faster and higher capacity USB flash drive for the price…
It would have to be pretty to lose to a flash drive in random write. Going by the Corsair Flash Voyager GT, it wouldn't take much to be faster (and they come much slower too!): http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=19859&page=4).
The intention is here, whether these drives are ready yet is a different question but the signs are good, sooner or later someone will bring out a drive for ~£100 thats got a decent capacity (80gb+) and performance that makes it a nobrainer upgrade.
You could probably get a faster and higher capacity USB flash drive for the price…

faster, definitely not

higher capacity, yes, easily on the low end, just about on the high-end